Flight support services include pilot training and our Business Aviation Centre. We have provided pilot training services to civil, military and paramilitary customers.
We were the provider for the turnkey services to the Royal Malaysian Navy for training of their pilots in advance of receiving their own aircraft. Our Business Aviation Centre also manages ground handling services such as landing and take-off approvals; weather, flight pattern and airport information for pilots; aircraft servicing and refueling; and handling of transportation, accommodation and meals for passengers and crew.


MHS is certified by the DCA to provide maintenance services to customers. We have provided aircraft maintenance services to the Royal Malaysian Police for their helicopter fleet in addition to maintaining our own fleet. We are qualified to provide maintenance on sheet metal parts and non-structural epoxy resin component parts. We also do overhaul work which includes servicing, repair, calibration, testing and modification of specific components.
Our approvals include the following types:


MHS provides aircraft owners with professional aviation management, experienced and dedicated flight crew and full service maintenance activities in order to meet the customer’s schedule and demands on time. MHS also provides the highest levels of safety in the industry with a trouble-free, flexible program for our customers as an aircraft owner